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报告题目Chimera-like states and frequency comb generation in
passive Kerr resonators
报 告 人:Yiqing Xu博士(奥克兰大学)
主 持 人:杨中民 教授
Optical Kerr resonators have become one of the intriguing platforms not only for the study of fundamental nonlinear phenomena but also for the design of soliton frequency combs. A Chimera-like state in an optical Kerr resonator is the coexistence of the coherent and incoherent domains in a coupled system. It manifests as a chaotic burst of nonlinearly-localized light, and we demonstrate unprecedented control over their creation and annihilation, as well as observe the internal fine structure using ultrafast time lens imaging. Meanwhile, we also demonstrate the soliton comb generation in a synchronously pulsed-driven silica waveguide ring resonator. By driving at integer (and fractional) multiples of free-spectral-range of the resonator, it allows us to obtain soliton frequency combs with adjustable repetition rates between 3.2 and 19.2 GHz.
Dr. Yiqing Xu received his B.Sc degree in physics from the University of Auckland in 2007, Auckland, New Zealand. He received the M.Sc degree in 2009 and Ph.D degree in 2014 both in physics from the University of Auckland. He was a postdoc research fellow in the EEE department of the University of Hong Kong in 2013-2015. He was a postdoc research fellow in the ISEE college of Zhejiang University under Postdoctoral International Exchange Program in 2017-2018. His research field includes nonlinear optics in Kerr cavities, ultrafast optics and spatiotemporal cavities. He is the author and coauthor of 70 journal and conference papers.